“If you eat it fast fast you won’t taste it” – Netizens React As Lady Is Stunned To Find Ponmo Inside Milky Doughnut

In a trending video, A woman can be seen discovering an unexpected ingredient inside a milky doughnut she purchased from online, sharing her shock on TikTok, the lady posted a video showing the unusual ingredient she discovered in the doughnut.

In the video, she revealed the doughnut, still in its foil packaging, containing something other than the expected milky filling.

To her disbelief, she found pieces of ponmo, cooked cow skin, covered in the milky substance.

Expressing her shock and confusion, the young lady questioned why the baker had chosen to include ponmo as an ingredient in a doughnut.

While the intentions behind the inclusion of ponmo in the milky doughnut remain unclear, this incident as caused a stir online.

Her video quickly went viral, attracting a range of reactions from netizens, including humorous and sarcastic comments.

In no time, the comment section was flooded with differing opinions from netizens

As the video continues to circulate online, it as undeniably garnered the attention of viewers, sparking conversations about unexpected food encounters.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

Wisdom said: “Iya Ryan don later buy ponmy doughnut ”

____£jire___ said: “Mum Ryan no lie oo na road side u buy am?”

A️A said: “If you eat it fast fast you won’t know say ponmo Dey inside ”

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