It’s shame to compare a man’s mother to a lady he paid heavily to get married to – Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man, Divine Somadina Ndubuisi, has said the mother of a man is incomparable to the woman he paid heavily to marry. 

He stated this on Monday, December 4,  after a lady, Kehinde said men who allow their mothers disrespect their wives aren’t worthy to be called husbands.

“Men hear this; Don’t allow your family to see your wife as a stranger. Don’t allow your family to insult your wife and go away with it. Don’t allow your family to look at your wife and have no respect or regard for her. Imagine, your sister walked into your home, insulting your wife, say it to your face that your wife food is bad and you are their, you aren’t saying anything. Your mother enters your house dragging kitchen with your wife, your own wife you married ooooo, in fact they suppose to lie you down and flog you because you aren’t worthy to be called a husband. There’s a difference between a husband and a man. The reason why we have disaster in marriages is that men married, not husbands. Listen, whoever that doesn’t love your wife hate you,” Kehinde wrote. 

Responding to her post, Somadina wrote: 

“Your wife that you married o” You are comparing that to a woman that carried him for 9 months and went through hell to raise him for 20+ years until he met you??? Are you talking about his mother that would still be there for him even if the world burns and you decide to divorce him?? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE THINK??? You are comparing a mother that is the source of that man’s life in the first place to a lady the man paid heavily to get married to? The same lady that will leave if things go wrong? You’re comparing that with a mother that would DIE for her son without even thinking about it??? What a SHAME.”

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