Korra slept with her friend’s fiance while pregnant with our second child — Justin Dean alleges as he shares “evidence” (video)

Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean, has accused the dancer of more things two years after their divorce.

Dean recorded a Facebook video to talk about Korra, the mother of his kids.

He alleged that Korra slept with another man while she was 5 months pregnant with their second daughter.

Justin claimed that Korra visited Nigeria for her friend’s wedding at the time. He claimed she then slept with the friend’s fiancé while in Nigeria.

He went on to share screenshots of a chat as proof of her alleged infidelity.

Though the names of those chatting didn’t show, Justin Dean gave the impression that it was a conversation between Korra and the man she slept with.

“Well, it seems you’ve improved in your skill,” “Korra” wrote.

The man replied: “Korra did you just insult me.”

“Korra” replied: “I felt it. Seems you were reaching my womb.”

Korra slept with her friend
Korra slept with her friend

“Hope I didn’t tamper with Justin’s unborn baby?” the person asked.

And “Korra” replied, “Nah.”

Korra slept with her friend

Speaking in the video, Justin Dean said, “So she was sleeping around while pregnant with my child.”

He did not reveal how he got the chat neither did he show the names of those chatting. He claimed he hid the names to protect the people who told him about it.

Earlier, when their marriage ended, Justin had claimed Korra only cheated on him before they got married. He said it happened while she was still in Nigeria and trying to join him abroad.

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