More than 400 consultant anaesthetists left Nigeria in 2yrs

More than 400 consultant anaesthetists have emigrated out of Nigeria for greener pastures in the last two years, President of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists, Dr Olubusola Alagbe-Briggs, has said.

Alagbe-Briggs told newsmen in Gombe on the sidelines of the society’s 31st annual scientific conference that anaesthetists were the most sought-after specialists in foreign lands because of the peculiarity of their services.

“There is a global shortage of anaesthetists because of the nature of the job, which is intensive, acute, and focused.

“We had about 1,200 members in the past, but today we have only 800 members.

“Those countries that are short of anaesthetists are pulling those here in Nigeria to their countries.

“Nigerian professionals are the best. They are highly sought-after by other countries.

“Medical practitioners and other professionals will continue to emigrate until their welfare and available equipment are improved upon,’’ she said.

Alagbe-Briggs stressed that the availability of appropriate equipment and improved welfare were essential to improving medical practice and services.

“We are looking at how we can help improve cancer care; we are involved in the operational stage, pain relief, emergency care, and intensive care.

“We are in Gombe to brainstorm on how to improve our specialties in line with the theme of the conference, learn from one another, and share research outcomes,’’ Alagbe-Briggs said.

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