North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un cries in front of thousands of women as he begs them to have more children (video)

North Korean dictator,  Kim Jong Un broke down in tears in front of thousands of women as he called on women to have more children, saying that it was their duty to halt the country’s declining birth rate. 

In his emotional plea,  Kim Jong Un is seen dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief while addressing thousands of women at a National Mothers’ Meeting in Pyongyang on Sunday, December 3. 

‘Preventing a decline in birth rates and good childcare are all of our housekeeping duties we need to handle while working with mothers,’ Kim said at the event, while also urging them to instil the values of his communist party in their children.

The women who attended the event dressed in traditional multi-coloured garments also wept along with their leader.

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