Once you catch your wife cheating and you forgive her, the respect she has for you will go – Nigerian clergyman says

A Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Ritabbi, has spoken against men forgiving their cheating wives. 

In a video that has now gone viral, the clergyman while preaching in his church said a man caught his wife cheating with another man and he wanted to know what he should do.

Responding, the cleric said;

‘’I am not a hypocrite, anything you want to do, do. Go and tell her ‘’mummy, stop moving with men. The one you did is breaking my heart. Please don’t do it again, you know I love you. You know you are a beautiful woman. Please don’t do it again. You are hurting me’. Tell her that and continue staying with her.

Na my mouth you go hear say God die? Don’t you know the bible gives room for divorce? Jesus said except adultery. Jesus gave room for divorce. 

Once you catch a woman in the act, she is dead in your heart. Any man that says his body system will function when he has caught his wife is a liar, except you don’t love her. You lust after her. 

It is better your wife is cheating and you don’t know, she will respect you but when you catch your wife and you keep her, the respect is gone”

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