Seun Kuti slams Nigerians who idolize the gangster lifestyle and wear diamond chains as he reacts to claims he is “scared of Sam Larry” (video)

Seun Kuti has called out Nigerians who are expecting him to join them in calling out Naira Marley following the death of his former signee Mohbad.

Seun Kuti insisted that Nigerians have to accept responsibility for the part they play in the problems plaguing the country, including in the entertainment industry.

He said many Nigerians currently expressing outrage over Mohbad’s death are the same people who idolize the gangster lifestyle and try to copy African Americans. 

He added that Nigerians are the people massively following the celebrities who emulate the violent lifestyle.

“You’re the ones that follow them online,” Seun Kuti said. “Go and look at their Instagram, full of followers. You’re the ones that support them.”

He also called out Nigerians who make violent music and those who wear diamond chains.

“We sef wan turn to African Americans. You put chain for neck like Ode, the way your ancestors wear chain as slave wey dem dey drag. 

“Every diamond on the chains they wear is the blood of your brother in Congo, the blood of your brother in Liberia killed by the millions for these diamonds.”

He also reacted to claims that he is afraid of Lagos socialite, Sam Larry which is why he has not reacted to the death of Mohbad and the allegations that the Lagos socialite assaulted the late singer on multiple occasions.

“Who is Sam Larry? Who is he?” Seun asked. “I don’t know him from anywhere. I’ve never seen him. I’ve never been in the same circle as him. I don’t share anything with such people. I don’t know them and nothing can ever let us jam because I don’t key into their spirit.”

He continued: “I don’t key into that kind of consciousness, but you all key into, but now you want to complain.”

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